Boxing Training Headband

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Cert AC

  • Product Name: Boxing Reaction Training Ball
  • Product Size (Approx.): 
  • Ball diameter 60MM / 2.36in; headband length 680MM / 26.77in; width 38MM / 1.50in
  • Head circumference: minimum adjustable head circumference 460MM / 18.11in, maximum adjustable head circumference 600MM / 23.62in
  • Elastic rope: 2MM / 0.08in 10-core high elastic rope line with a spare line, length: 800MM / 31.50in
  • Instructions: 
  • Take an arm length elastic rope and tie it to the headband D ring. 
  • Gently hit the ball downwards at the beginning and slowly adapt to the boxing speed and boxing skills later. Beginners can practice with boxing gloves due to the great difficulty.
  • Practice boxing footwork, side dodging and other actions after you are familiar with boxing. 
  • Please always keep the chin tucked and keep the forehead face forward to ensure a good fighting position.