Magnesium Fire Starter

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Cert AC

  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Size: Total length of 9.7cm; 
  • size:9.7*1
  • Length of Magnesium Rob: 4cm
  • Color: Black, Green, Orange
  • Instructions:
  • The rod creates extremely hot burning metal shavings and sparks ideal for starting fires with flammable tinder rain or shine. 
  • This is done by the frictional heat created when quickly scraping material from the rod.
  • Unscrew the striker and the rod holder from the handle.
  • Flip the rod holder around and screw back onto handle.
  • Grip the striker between index finger and thumb.
  • Place the striker onto the rod. 
  • For best results, use approximately a 45 degree angle. 
  • when the striker is angled correctly it will bite into the rod.
  • In one quick movement, scrape the striker down the rod as though trying to carve material from the rod.