Microwave 2 Egg Poacher

Brand: Axon Rewards

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JL 02/05/2019

[Product Name] Microwave Eggbeater (2 eggs) 

[product unit] One

[Product Size] 23*10*4CM 

[single weight] 0.080 kg 

[Product Packaging] Product Packaging

It is used to steam eggs in a microwave oven to keep the eggs moist, taste fresh and nutritious. 

Note! Fragrant!

Method of operation: just put the eggs into the steamer for 30-45 seconds, then steam the eggs

When you break the egg a little, you can put a small amount of oil and salt.

Color: white pink green, etc. (random color delivery, no notice is invalid)

Material: PP

Heat resistance: 140 degrees Cold resistance: -20 degrees